Above, left to right: F-Train, Mr. A., and The Godfather on prom night. If the van's a-rockin, don't come a-knockin.

-=Update 10/8/99=-

First of all, I'd like to give a great big birthday shout-out to The Godfather, Justin, who is now 18 and can legally buy porn. (Not that he would.) Anyway, it's been quite a week at H.H.S. First, a massive power outage throughout Hilton left our school in a state of dissaray, turning this city into a virtual No Man's Land. Students roamed the streets in search of a good time, and some of us once again found our way to the Bowling Alley. The Godfather, Mr. A., and The F-Train were joined by guest players Matt Sajack and "Rodd" Moon. Nice game, boys.

Today was one of the infamous "half days," which means, theorectially, you come for half the day. Realistically it means most students don't come at all. Anyhow, Long Dong was marked for death by Mr. Farnham, a.k.a. God Himself. Good luck, Long Dong, it's only a matter of time now. Also today, there was a large luncheon gathering at Friendly's with a huge cast. In attendance: The Godfather, Mr. A., F-Train, Too Hot and Too Sexy, The Enforcers, The Cap'n, Danjou, an array of lovely ladies, and some kid identified only as "Nipple."

In other news, The 8-Ball faces a controversial two week suspension at the hands of the Enforcer. Details are sketchy, but there is definitely some hostility going on. The Enforcer, as you all know, recently defended Burger King against a bunch of hooligans with a lead pipe, single-handedly. We will bring you more as we hear it, as always. This is Mr. A. saying, once again, A-Team 4 Life!

-=Update 10/25/99=-

Folks, today was met with some disappointment. The A-Team group shot for the yearbook was to be taken today at 12:05 p.m. However, because of the utter incompetence in which the so-called "Best Friend Pictures" system was run, the photographer was on a lunch break. Ladies and gentlemen, this in an utter and complete outrage. There must be A-Team representation in the 2000 Yearbook. Anyone who can make this happen, please contact The Godfather or Mr. A. as soon as possible.

-=Update 10/28/99=-

Well i figured, being The Godfather, that i should let everyone know about the gridiron deathmatch that will be known as A-Team Deathbowl 1. Training camp has begun for both teams; Doogie's Goonies and My BIG Game Cocks. I have not been divulged any info on The Goonies training regime, but i do know that the Game Cocks are on a very strict diet of SoBe and Garbage Plates from Nick Tahoes. This fact alone should ensure a victory for the Game Cocks, but with the slick and always whipped manner in which Doogie has been known to run things, anything is possible. The teams are as follows


The Godfather, Mr. A$$, The Enforcer, Danjou, Too Much, The Sack, Amy "I'll rip your damn balls off" C.


Doogie, The Re-Enforcer, Capn' Jackass, F-Train, The Great One, Pam "I can kick YOUR ass" P., Jessie "*whine*" S., Cara "Mach whatever" P., and of course Merridith "I have a huge Gorilla sized penis" S.

Stayed tuned to this website for more info, on game time and possible roster changes.

-=Update 11/11/99=-

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Mr. A. I am proud to say that we had a strong A-Team representation last night at Laser Quest. This included the Godfather and myself, F-Train, Too Hot, Danjou, Jimmy, The Cap'n, the Enforcer Duo, and The 8-Ball. We were joined by special guests Mike C., The Notorious Nipple (who was in a drunken haze), and an array of lovely ladies associated with The A-Team. A good game was had by all... but to those who opposed us, you do not mess with The A-Team. Beware.

After the game, the group split into two sanctions and visited both Taco Bell and Friendly's. Danjou was in full effect at Friendly's, snorting Sweet 'N' Low packets and leaving his phone number as a tip. Other highlights included The Re-Enforcer trying to start a Fight Club with Mike C., the waitress, and virtually anyone who crossed his path, as well as cramming eight people into Tom's Blazer.

-=Update 11/25/99=-

The return to Laser Quest. Tuesday night found The A-Team making a second official outing to the incredible realm of L.Q. Those in attendance included The Godfather and myself (Mr. A.), Too Hot, The Cap'n, The Re-Enforcer, Geevz, The A-Team "Ladies" Pam, Jessie, Amy and Meredith, along with the presence of Hilton's "Pink Ladies." Also joining in on the fun, special guests Jeff a.k.a. "The Sack," and Nipple (who was sober this time, at least we think he was). Joining in late were The F-Train and Jimmy. The evening provided only one game of Laser Quest, sadly, but was followed by the prerequisite trips to Friendly's and Taco Bell. The Friendly's highlight was a record-breaking 16 Sweet-N-Low packets downed by Mark, whose slogan is "I am still undefeated against Death."

Much of the evening's events were tape recorded, which means you can look for new sounds coming to this website in the next few days. Thank you, and have a happy and safe Thanksgiving. --Mr. A.

-=Update 12/12/99=-

Greetings one and all, this is once again Mr. A. For those of you are still accessing this Updates page from the old site, or who are just discovering the new one, The A-Team website has taken on an all-new form at an all-new address. The Godfather, our fearless leader, recently took Hilton by surprise when he unvieled an A-Team website with a sleek new look and some very cool new features.

Now, I know, many of you are asking, "But guys, I liked the old website! What was wrong with that one??" The answer? Nothing at all. The original A-Team website is still one of the coolest places on the internet, with over 1,100 hits and growing. But The A-Team is always looking to be bigger and better, and this new website is just that.

So what's so great about it? Just take a look at it. The links will point the way to new features like Vehicles Of The A-Team, where cars that define our members are on display. There are also new profiles coming, so Nipple, The Sack, and of course, those gorgeous A-Team Ladies will soon have their very own place in the spotlight. Still not enough? Cool new logos and animated gifs will connect you to the best features of the original site, like the A-Team photo albums. Plus, The Sounds Of The A-Team is still growing, so you can hear our antics and even download them and use them as event sounds for your computer. What could be cooler than hearing Mark ask you where the weight room is whenever you have mail?

In other news, The A-Team would like to thank Pam, Jessie, and the other ladies on the 2000 Hiltorial Yearbook Staff for snapping a picture of our crew to grace the pages of the yearbook. The A-Team thanks you, ladies, you are the coolest

-=Update 12/19/99=-

Some of the latest LQ news is beyond belief. Up until now, Laser Quest has always been a place where A-Team members can go for some good, clean fun and a safe, enjoyable time. Well, all that changed on the night of December 3, 1999. Being as The Godfather and Mr. A. were at WXXI doing a live broadcast, The Captain (a.k.a. Tommy The Jackass) was heading up the Laser Quest outing for the evening. Joining him were Nipple, Mike C., The Sack, Ball Breaker, and several other ladies who will remain anonymous for the sake of protecting their lives. Apparently, while in the game, a group of unknown individuals were following the ladies around, and there was a confrontation that aggravated these strangers. What follows is not pretty, so younger viewers and those offended by violence and profanity may want to tune out. These in the words of Tommy himself:

"The game eventually ended, and nobody but me and Nipple had come out. I hadn't found out the whole story yet, but it turned out that this other group, which consisted of about 20 people, told them they were gonna get them outside. Eventually we all found out, and everyone didn't know what to do. We went outside, since it was the last game of the night. They were waiting for us in the lot. We raced to our cars, and jetted off. They fucking followed us to Friendly's! Mike whipped around that island in the back of the Friendly's parking lot, and they chased after him. I thought they were gonna trap me in, but they spared me, cause Mike had 3/4 of the girls in his car. We never saw them again. We went on a search party after that. We tried to get through on the cell phones, but no luck. I eventually talked to Sarah and found out that they were harassed a bit, and were told to apologize. I guess they were crying, and eventually apologized. Mike was being macho about it and was saying nothing would happen. The other group let them go, and they were gonna come find us, but they decided to go home. That basically concluded the night. 2:30am, everything was settled. Tell me that wasn't fucked up."

Fucked up that certainly was, Tom. We would like to thank The Cap'n for sharing that story with us, and we're glad everyone made it out alive. We now approach every LQ game with baseball bats in the trunk.

In other news, The A-Team was treated to a private game on Friday the 10th, just one week after the incident. A group showing of The Godfather, Mr. A., Too Hot, Jose Feff, Tommy, The Sack, Ball Breaker, The Big O, The Re-Enforcer, Mach 5, and more, headed up to LQ after one of Hilton's infamous "half days." Although Laser Quest would not officially open for several hours, the gentleman inside gladly fired everything up just so we could play a round. We literally had the place all to ourselves. We would like to take a moment to thank the folks at Laser Quest for their hospitality, and we'll try to forgive them for allowing violent delinquents to play there sometimes.

The most recent game to date took place Friday, December 17. A small but efficient crew of players managed to tear up the charts, and history was made as Tommy The Jackass and Nipple both became Laser Quest Official Members. Nice job, guys! The greatest highlight of this night, surprisingly, came AFTER the game was over, and The Godfather and myself were driving home. The car behind us decided it would be intelligent to drive down the street with his brights on. The Fatha showed his appreciation for this by driving at 25 mph down the street, in an area where the car could not pass us. This agitated the driver to no end, but he refused to turn down those damn brights. This game continued for quite some time, and the fun was escalated by the presence of the Greece Police on nightly patrol, making sure the car could not blaze out from behind us. It was truly a sight to behold. Let this be a lesson to you all out there, show some respect for The Godfather and his almighty Pimpmobile

-=Update 12/29/99=-

Today saw the beginning of production on the long-awaited A-Team CD. For a long time, we've had a concept of our own A-Team soundtrack up on this website, but up until today that soundtrack existed only in our minds. With the aid of F-Train's CD burner, we have created a prototype for The A-Team Album Vol. I. Currently, this prototype may undergo some very slight changes, but should soon be available for public consumption at a very reasonable price.

In other news, tonight marked the final Laser Quest outing of the millenium. The group consisted of Russ, Justin, Jeff F, and Mark, although Mark opted to hit Media Play instead of join in on the LQ action. Unfortunately, Justin and Russ were marked for death by Gutt-Shott, who many of you know is a 40 year old man who lives with his mother and eats, sleeps, lives, breathes, and dreams Laser Quest. Pleas for mercy would not get this unstoppable juggernaut of a man to leave our heroes alone. At the games end, Justin and Russ announced the retirement of our respective LQ code names (Sevendust and Superman), and will be creating new ones for the new millenium.

Later on, after a stop at Media Play, the crew noticed the trademark Blazer of Tommy The Jackass in the parking lot, and ventured back inside Laser Quest. They found Tom, bathed in sweat, rushing out of the arena, frustrated that The Sack had beat him out for the number one spot in the game

-=Update 1/1/00=-

Well, it's finally here, the infamous new millenium. Last night 1999 went out with a bang, as a group of The A-Team's finest closed down the Brockport Friendly's, and then raided Wegmans for those all important last minute Y2K emergency supplies. Afterwards the group split into several sanctions, including a Taco Bell stop, and from what I understand, a trek to the playground, and a couple of house parties. Those in attendance included The Godfather and myself, F-Train, The Cap'n, The Enforcer and Re-Enforcer, The Sack, BB, The Big O, and several members of Hilton's illustrious Pink Ladies.

But it didn't end there, folks. What good is it to usher out the old year if you don't ring in the new one? Tonight we kicked 2000 off in style, with Laser Quest and Friendly's. Many of the aforementioned names made the list, along with Too Hot and Too Sexy, and The Notorious N.I.P. Happy new year

-=Update 2/9/00=-

Those who managed to attend the Lip Sync contest on February 3rd were in for a real treat. The true show stopper was the award winning final appearance of The Blues Brothers, a.k.a. "Vern" Warner the A-Team's own Godfather, Justin. As if their first performance wasn't enough, the crowd was also treated to "Macho Man" with Warner and The Sack, and Justin was carried up on stage by Warner himself. Much to the crowd's delight, the clothes were soon flying as these men showed us how macho they really are. Great job guys, you made The A-Team proud. --Mr. A

-=Update 2/15/00=-

A recent outing to the cinema turned ugly at a late night showing of Scream 3. Trouble seems to follow Tom wherever he goes, as he was once again heading up this outing. Along for the ride were Tom's Lady B.B., F-Train, Too Hot, Mach 5, Doogie, The Big O, The Notorious Nip, special guests Erin "The Editor," Justin S., and, making a rare appearance in public, Jeremy W. (Who? Exacly.)

Details are sketchy, but apparently a rowdy gang in the theater was none too pleased at what was taking place on the screen, and got a little too rambunctious. Before long a free-for-all erupted, fists flying between some of the delinquents. Before the thugs could bust out the heavy artillery, our crew beat a hasty retreat.

"Our gang could have taken that gang," F-Train commented later. And certainly they could, but rather than get in any legal entanglements, they wisely fled the the scene. Let this be a lesson to all of you out there, if you are ever at Tinseltown late at night, keep on your toes.

-=Update 3/4/00=-

Last night saw another outing to the Hilton hot-spot known as Pleasure Lanes. Two teams entered the establishment, fresh from a trip to Taco Bell and ready to tear up the lanes. On one team we had Ryan, Mark, Jeff, and myself (Russ). On the opposing team, the worthy challengers, Tom, Mike C., The Sack, and Danjou. Upon entering, the crew was met with a drunken heckler, who proceeded to taunt us for awhile and then try to hit on old skanky whores. Undaunted, we began our series of three games, while the drunken fool had sex with a woman who he later realized was actually his own grandmother.

Ryan showed off his bowling prowess in the first two games, with only Danjou coming even close when it came to pure skill. The other players managed to hold their own as well, resulting in two close games with Ryan's team winning both. The third game was where it all came down, and money was put on the table. We cannot disclose just how much money was wagered, as the staggering amount of cash that exchanged hands that night could upset the balance of some third world nations. With the pressure on, some couldn't stand the heat, and cracked under the tension. Tom's team pulled out an impressive lead, and left with much fuller wallets than their opponents. Nice work, gents.

But even more interesting was what was happening off to the side. Get a group like this out that late at night, and strage things begin to happen. Things that defy the laws of physics. Already very hyped up from the game, Mark proceeded to take two bowling balls and two pop cans and create some sort of monument to the Bowling Gods. This was one of the most impressive things we had ever seen, and also one of the strangest. We left this monument standing as we left, as a gift to all who bowl at Pleasure Lanes. Uncle Chuck reportedly shit his pants when he saw it. Click here to see an artist's rendition.

-=Update 4/14/00=-

SPRING BREAK 2000 is HERE at last! The A-Team is sweeping the nation, with many members, including The Godfather, Too Hot, and The Big O, headed for sunny Florida. In fact, the infamous Jimmy was seen headed that way as well. So what did everyone do on their vacation? We'll be sure to let you know as soon as the reports come in. Rest assured a few A-Team members will still be here tearin' it up in Hilton all week long!

-=Update 5/11/00=-

This is the Godfather....coming out from behind the scenes to make some observations about my brothers of The A-Team, Hilton High School, life in general, and of course the upcoming Britney Spears album.

I think i should start by stating publicly that The A-Team will be in full-effect on May 13th, 2000 at the Riverside Convention Center for the Hilton High School Senior Ball. The limos have been reserved and the tuxes rented, the hair will be combed and the teeth brushed. This will truly be a night to remember, or for some of us a night that we can't remember. Whichever it will, have fun, god bless, and be careful.

As some of you might know the oh so beautiful Ms. Britney Spears has a new album coming out....."Oops! I Did It Again". In light of this the Mr. A's May Lady of The Month is Britney Spears. A landmark in MALOTM history, in that she is the first repeat lady. I will be the first to say i surely don't mind one bit.

Well that's about all for me. Be sure to check out all the additions and updates to the sight, they are everywhere. This is The Godfather saying...Make 7 UP YOURS

-=Update 5/14/00=-

Last night was a historic night, The Senior Ball of the Class of 2000 and a very proud night for The A-Team. Spreading out over three limos, the crew was riding in style to the Convention Center. Despite the bad band, the dance floor was never empty and the fun was never in short supply. Some highlights included a reprisal of the Lip Sync hit "Macho Man" with Vern Warner and The Sack baring it all (though the Godfather unfortunately sat this round out), The 8-Ball wearing balloons around the ballroom, and, to no one's surprise but everyone's delight, the A-Team's own Joe and Jessie cemented the coveted titles of Ball King and Queen.

The ball may have ended at 1, but the fun didn't. Other activities included a round of bowling at Uncle Chuck's, a huge blow-out party at Tom's, and at least one run-in with the law. We would like to thank limo driver Glenn Foley for smoothly talking us out of some serious jail time. Ask for him by name when arranging your own limo needs.

-=Update 6/5/00=-

The Senior Bash was this past weekend. While it was a ton of fun, it was quite draining on all who participated. Events included the Velcro Wall, a jousting tournament, basketball, volleyball, ping pong, racquetball, fingerpainting, Battleship, a DJ, a movie room, tons of food, and a Mark-organized game involving spinning yourself around 40 times and racing across the gym. I'm still feeling the effects of that last one, but anyway, look for some pics from the Bash coming soon.

-=Update 6/17/00=-

Today is the day we never thought would arrive. June 17th of the year 2000, the day we walked across the stage of the Eastman Theater and accepted the one piece of paper that we'd all worked so hard for. Today, ladies and gentlemen, we graduated.

It was a lovely ceremony, with some great speeches, some outstanding music, and most of all, a chance to applaud each other. A chance to be recognized. A chance to stand up there in those ridiculous caps and gowns, to look out into the crowd of friends and family, and say to yourself, "I made it." A day to pat one another on the back, to think of ourselves for the first time not as seniors any more, or even as high school students... but as young men and women, getting ready to enter the world. Some of us will be going off to college soon. Some will be entering the armed forces. Who knows what the future holds as we go our separate ways? One thing is for sure... this will be the Summer of the A-Team... one last summer to live it up before we hit the road.

And remember, no matter where any of you go, no matter what you do, no matter where you end up, this website will always be here, and you will always be a part of this family called The A-Team. God Bless each and every one of you, and congratulations to the class of 2000.

-=Update 9/15/00=-

Got the blues with school starting again? Yeah, we know. Summer's over, you're bogged down with homework, and your friends are going to different schools than you are (unless you're going to Fredonia). Well, fear not, kids. Now you can relive the summer fun with the JELLO OLYMPICS photo album, the latest addition to the A-Team site! Featuring pictures from Mark's historic grad party, where everyone got a little wet and wild. Check it out now, in the Events section.

Also, don't forget to vote for the lady YOU'D like to see as the next Lady of the Month! That's right kids, it's a friggin' democracy!

-=Update 12/22/00=-

It's been 6 months since graduation. That's right, folks, we've been out of high school for a half a year already! Where does the time go? And more importantly, where has The A-Team gone? Finally, after a long stretch with no updates to the site, we take a look at the post-high school lives of Hilton's finest. Check out A-Team: Where Are They Now?

If you are an A-Team member who has not sent in your response to "Where Are They Now," don't worry! You can still send it in, and we'll add it to the page. Perhaps these updates can be a regular event, either every year, or every 6 months? Check it out, and see what you think.

1983 - 2001

-=Update 4/21/01=-

It is with heavy heart that we at long last update this website, and I'm sure we all wish that it was under happier circumstances. As many of you know, Ryan was in a fatal car accident Thursday night. This has obviously come as quite a shock to everyone. This site will have a tribute to Ryan in the days to follow, after this has had a chance to sink in with everyone. In the meantime, we can only pray that our dear friend rest in peace, and be there for each other at this sad time. Everyone, be safe, and God bless.

Calling hours for Ryan will be held Sunday from 6 to 9 PM at the Thomas E. Burger Funeral Home, 735 East Ave., Hilton. A funeral mass will be held on Monday at 10 AM at St. Lawrence Church, 1000 North Greece Rd.

-=Update 4/24/01=-

Ryan's memorial service yesterday was attended by many familiar faces, going to show just how many friends he had and how many lives he touched. We wish everyone in The A-Team could have been there, but obviously it was just not possible given how suddenly this all happened.

For those who don't already know, a Scholarship Fund has been created in Ryan's name. It would be a great gesture if all Ryan's friends could donate even a little something to this great cause. Contributions should be sent to this address:

The Ryan Merritt Scholarship Fund
C/O Thoams A. Merritt
PO Box 745
Hilton, NY 14468

-=Update 6/17/01=-

Believe it or not, folks, an entire year has passed since the Class of 2000 graduated from Hilton High. In celebration of this fact, we offer you the second installment of "A-Team: Where Are They Now?" To check it out, click HERE for the new WATN. Special thanks to everyone who wrote in!

In other news... many have already seen a sneak preview of the latest website to spring up from the creative minds of Justin and Russ. Officially open for business, check out The Playpen, where you'll find tons of lovely ladies, and a few familiar A-Team faces along the way. Just check it out, you'll see what we mean!

Lastly, if you haven't been to The A-Team Movie Page lately, take a peek... The "Big Screen Version" of the A-Team has the beginnings of a script of sorts, as well as a full fledged Hollywood cast. We've just added all of The A-Team Ladies to the cast. It's a lot of fun, so check it out!

-=Update 9/17/01=-

Well, I've wanted to say something about what's been going on in America this week, but I honestly didn't know what in the world to say. It's been such a tragedy of enormous proportions... the attacks on the World Trade Center in NY and the Pentagon in Washington, the thousands of people missing or dead in the wake of the destruction... It is one of the worst tragedies our nation has faced, certainly the worst we've seen in our short lifetime.

I guess I just wanted to post a couple of things here for people to see, things that have brought me comfort in the past few days. One was sent to us by Pam. These are pictures from around the world of how other nations are reacting to America's plight. I think everyone saw the clips on the news of those idiots in Pakistan throwing parades in the streets, and it made everyone sick... these are the pictures we didn't see, of children in other countries lighting candles and nations flying their flags at half mast in memory of the victims of these senseless attacks. Please, take a minute to look at them. It really made me realize that we are not alone, and it blew my mind to see that the rest of the world is feeling the same pain that we are.

--Mr. A.

-=Update 11/27/01=-

Thanksgiving means tons of food, lots of relatives, and a chance for The A-Team to take a well deserved break from the pressures of college life for some old fashioned hometown fun. Here's what went down over the weekend.

On Friday night, a large crew was spotted at Laser Quest, marking the first time in over a year that there had been an official LQ outing. Justin, Russ, Jeff F., Mark, Tom, Pam, Cara, Greg, and Jeff C. were all in attendance, yet Justin, Russ, and Jeff C. were the only ones to actually play the game (others cited low fundage as their primary reason for bowing out). Taking on the respected codenames of Sevendust, Superman, and the Shocker, respectively, the boys soon learned that they'd been away from the game for far too long. After the game was over, it was off to Taco Bell for a late night drive-thru snack, enjoyed in the parking lot on the back of Russ's car.

On Saturday night, another proud A-Team tradition was held, that being Bowling Night. An even bigger turn-out this time, including everyone from the previous night, plus Jessie, Mike C., Amy C., and Sean. Everyone was really in top form, and the competition was fierce. In the end, a good time was had by all, and we once again graced Taco Bell's parking lot with our unruly presence.

With only a few weeks left until Christmas break, we're sure to see more updates coming soon to the site. A possible New Year's Eve bash? Still in the works, until someone bravely volunteers to host it. Until then, dear friends, stay tuned to this site, and remember, A-Team For Life!

-=Update 3/1/02=-

Yesterday, the A-Team associate known as Moochie Bojangles appeared on the front page of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

This effectively puts to rest recent rumors of Moochie's death. The accompanying article speaks of hard times falling on our daycare centers, many of which are relying on government funds to stay afloat. Apparently these daycare centers really are in trouble, if the are entrusting the care of our children to Moochie Bojangles. Thank you to A-Team Contributer Jeff C. for sending this tip our way!

-=Update 6/17/02=-

Jessie has made some way cool A-Team collages with pictures from over the years. They are really impressive. They will soon be part of a new section devoted to images of the A-Team, but for now you can check them out by clicking the links below.

Collage 1
Collage 2

If you have collages or pictures or anything of that nature that you would like to send in to be a part of this new section, we would love to see them.

Have a good summer everyone!

-=Update 5/12/04=-

Some big news! Two new A-Team CDs have been produced, and are slowly being circulated. "The A-Team Anthology" is the definitive A-Team album, with songs that represent each member of the team. "A-Team Live" is full of actual audio from bowling nights, LQ outings and more! Together, they make a set that is a must have for any A-Team member. The CDs will be distributed to one and all over the summer. If you will not be in the Rochester area this summer, contact Justin or myself with your address and we will mail them to you!

-=Update 5/16/04=-

Justin here with yet another update for you crazy kids. Now you can download your very own copy of the first Official A-Team Desktop Background. It comes in four designer colors to suit any computer configuration, so grab your copy today!

-=Update 4/10/05=-

Well, we here at The A-Team Website Headquarters have just acquired a new scanner, so we have finally been able to get some new pics up onto the web. For those who missed it, we have some pics from the bowling outing at the end of December, when Josh, Joe and Jessie were in town. Head over to the Bowling section to see the latest!

-=Update 11/17/05=-

My fellow A-Teamericans,

Russ here. By now, many of you have no doubt heard that I will very soon be leaving this native land of Hilton, NY, and moving to Virginia to be with my gal pal, Amanda. Well, this is indeed true. I will be setting sail Sunday, November 20th, making the 10 hour drive in my (relatively) new Chevy Cavalier.

Many of you may have mixed emotions about this. That's okay, because so do I. Rochester has been the only home I have ever known. Leaving it behind is very scary for me. But, it is also very exciting. Getting to start a new life in a new city will be a big change and a big challenge.

Who knows, maybe we will be back someday! One never knows where the road of life will take us. I will certainly be back to visit as often as I can, and you all are definitely welcome to come visit us! (This statement is directed to The A-Team, its members, the Ladies, and any other associates of The A-Team, and not necessarily to any other random weirdos who may have stumbled across this site while surfing the internet.) I would like to take a moment to welcome Jessie back to Rochester, as she has just recently rejoined us! Welcome back, Jessie!

One thing, though, that I must say with all sincerity, is how lucky I am to have such a wonderful group of friends in my life... moving away from all of you will be extremely hard. So, glasses raised, here's to the best group of friends that anyone could ever possibly wish for. Here's to every garbage plate, every bowling night, every Laser Quest outing, every bottle of SoBe and Intense Milk, the high school days, the Fredonia days, the parties, The Retreat, and anything and everything in between. Cheers!

This is not goodbye... I take every one of you with me in my heart. Thanks for making me who I am today. Take care of Hilton while I'm gone, guys. I'll miss all of you.

Good night, and God bless.


RD & JR 2019